Pensive Mood


Cover Image by Jason Lee ’20

Featured Images by Ashley Chung ’19 and Michelle Park ’20


(Most) Everybody Has Hands by Hannah Adler ’21

The Taxidermist by Natalia Butler ’18

A Hole in the Past by Ally Velasquez ’20


Notice by Esther Wang ’18

The Battle Weary Bayview by Maya Burris ’18


My roots have grown deep within the streets. – Maya Burris

Untitled Masterpieces

Featured Image by Clara Chen ’21

Untitled by Paris Cipollone ’18

Untitled by Alex Gray ’19


poets don’t write from the heart poets write

from the scars on their fingertips

they write from the swing of their loose hips

poets do not write from their heart.

-Alex Gray


Kassie Rivera ’21